“L’archivio dei tesori” on the Maggio  social media: Sunday and Thursday at 8.45 pm
The Teatro del Maggio Musicale Fiorentino is launching a series online of five short video documentaries from 5 to 22 November, to “tell” the historical archive of the theater. “L’archivio dei tesori” on Teatro del Maggio social media, on Sunday and Thursday evenings at 8.45 pm.
A “behind the scenes” as spectacular and attractive as a real staging.

Florence, 5 November 2020 – The Teatro del Maggio Musicale Fiorentino launches “L’archivio dei tesori”, a series of five short video events broadcast online on its social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) to “tell” the historical archive of the Theater. Starting from Sunday 8 November – but with an introductory episode broadcast online on Thursday November 5 – and with an evening appointment at 8.45 pm – and then on the following Sunday and so on until 22 November, in the company of Manuel Rossi, manager of the archive , in a series of videos lasting a few minutes each, some secrets will be revealed, many curiosities starting from the archive itself, then talking about the sketches and figures that are kept there, the models, the diaries and dedications, the costumes, they will embrace the ninety years of the life and history of the Maggio. Five very interesting episodes as if to sink your hands in what is almost a treasure chest of the May treasures, inaugurated just over a year ago.

November 5 – Welcome to the Maggio Archive
November 8 – A ‘paper’ hardware
November 12 – The sketches of the great artists
November 15 – The models: operas in scale
November 19 – The diary of signatures: testimonies from the past to today
November 22 – The cotumes closely

When in 1928, Vittorio Gui founded the Orchestra Stabile Fiorentina, perhaps he could never have imagined that almost a century later, year after year, thanks to the following seasons and above all to the foundation of the Festival, so much cultural history will be accumulated. It was fundamental not only for Florence but for the whole world in the field of figurative and musical arts. The Archive of the Fondazione del Maggio therefore preserves this priceless heritage of not only Italian but international history. The goal of this short series of documentaries is to accompany the public inside the archive and to make it discover by “walking” together step by step in its main peculiarities: the costumes, the donations, the models, the sketches, the autographs, the most precious documentation.

The Maggio Archive retains an incalculable value made up of almost 13 thousand sketches, sketches designed and created by some of the most important artists of the twentieth century such as Guttuso, De Chirico, Sironi, Savinio; these and many others characterize the – almost incredible – heritage of the Theater which is available to both scholars and theater enthusiasts, and the simple curious. In almost half a kilometer of shelves, more than 100 thousand documents from 1928 up to the most recent contemporaneity, a thousand posters including 200 produced by internationally renowned artists, about 300 models, maquettes, models, and the whole complete series of autographs and programmes.

The Maggio Archive cannot be considered as a “closed” place, a place where one enters only to study the past, but is a dynamic exhibition space and consultation on two floors that continues to live daily together with the theater, continues to receive documents, new materials and new productions; it receives donations such as those of the stage costumes offered to the Maggio by Renata Tebaldi or Ebe Stignani and which are exhibited in rotation together with fifty others of historical interest.

In this period in which it is precisely not possible to come in person, the Maggio tries to remain close to the public, through its social networks and in this case by offering and describing a space not yet well known, opening one of its doors, albeit virtual, in order to show a “behind the scenes” as spectacular and attractive as a real staging.
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