Linda di Chamounix

From Wednesday 23 December 2020 To Sunday 10 January 2021

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Wednesday 23 December 2020 20:00 Teatro del Maggio Buy 
Sunday 27 December 2020 15:30 Teatro del Maggio Buy 
Tuesday 29 December 2020 20:00 Teatro del Maggio Buy 
Sunday 03 January 2021 20:00 Teatro del Maggio Buy 
Tuesday 05 January 2021 20:00 Teatro del Maggio Buy 
Sunday 10 January 2021 15:30 Teatro del Maggio Buy 

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When Donizetti composed Linda di Chamounix in 1841, his name was internationally famous, so much so that in Vienna he was commissioned to perform the opera that would have represented the most important of the program of the Porta Carinzia Theater of that Season. The subject, put into verse by Gaetano Rossi, is inspired by the Grâce de Dieu ou la nouvelle Fanchon by Adolphe d'Ennery and Gustave Lemoine, a rather unlikely feuilleton even to Donizetti but which is perfectly suited to its purpose: to please the Habsburg court with a work devoid of political implications but based exclusively on good feelings and the celebration of the virtue of the protagonist. Linda di Chamounix is ​​a semi-serious work, a genre that mixes, between pathos and irony, elements and characters characteristic of the two major genres with the inevitable happy ending. At the center of the action is a beautiful and virtuous girl, Linda, in love with Viscount Charles but threatened by his uncle, the Marquis of Boisfleury. As tradition has it, there is are misunderstandings, acknowledgments and twists (among them also a scene of madness, a Donizetti specialty), but in the end, as the saying goes, "all is well that ends well" and the peace found among the two young people reunited joyfully closes the opera.

New staging

Michele Gamba

Cesare Lievi

Sets and costumes 
Luigi Perego

Jessica Pratt

Francesco Demuro

Michele Pertusi

Teresa Iervolino

Vittorio Prato

Marchese Boisfleury 
Fabio Capitanucci

Marina De Liso

Intendente del Feudo
Antonio Garès

Cohorus and Orchestra del Maggio Musicale Fiorentino
Chorus master
Lorenzo Fratini
Stalls 1 160 €
Stalls 2 120 €
Stalls 3 100 €
Stalls 4 80 €
Boxes 50 €
Gallery 40 €
Limited visibility and Just listening 15 €