Ensemble nuovo contrappunto / Mario Ancillotti

In occasion of the centenary of Claude Debussy's death

From Thursday 01 January 1970

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Debussy, La Magia del Suono, means entering the intimate world of sound suggestions, that ineffably manage to dress the poetic, literary and pictorial images of impressionism and symbolism through acoustic vibrations. Sounds of harps, celesta, flutes, sparkling lights and soft shadows, glances towards a mythical and distant past, lost and regret, also through the suggestion of the voice in the sweet French idiom, blending well with the delicacies of the sounds. But also reinterpretations of those who have wanted these replicas in different way, as Schoenberg in the transcription of Prèlude made by his Society for Musical Executions. A sound world, therefore, almost private and intimate, claiming the active participation of the imagination and a vigilant and acute spirit, intuiting rather than grasping.

Conductor and flute
Mario Ancillotti

Milena Vukotic

Alessia Luise

Matteo Fossi
One seating area 10€