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Maggio Elettrico: June 11, 12, 2024, direction hall

The appointment with the Maggio Elettrico returns as part of the 86th Maggio Festival: a double appointment - Tuesday 11th and Wednesday 12th June 2024 - at 8pm, in the theater's control room.

Music by Julien Desprez on the evening of 11 June and by Maurizio Azzan, Daniela Terranova and Stefano Scodanibbio on 12 June.

With the support of the Nuovi Mecenati Foundation

Franco-Italian foundation to support contemporary creation

In collaboration with Institut Français of Florence

Single seat €10

Florence, June 10th 2024 -  Five years after the last show the Maggio Elettrico returns: therefore a renewal of the collaboration between the Teatro del Maggio and the Centro Tempo Reale, founded by Luciano Berio in 1987 and aimed at a multifaceted approach in research in the diverse field of electronic music and sound arts.

Two performances - Tuesday 11th and Wednesday 12th, June 2024, in the theater's control room - dedicated to the discovery of the new frontiers of electroacoustic music: two different concerts; the first have is starting point from the research of the French guitarist and composer Julien Desprez who, on the evening of June 11th, stages his latest performance, dedicated to the relationship between guitar and body action with the spectacular nature of electric current.

From a collaboration between the Tempo Reale Electroacoustic Ensemble and the Ensemble Suono Giallo the second concert on June 12th was born, which, if on the one hand pays homage to the double bass player Stefano Scodanibbio with a new improvisational score, on the other hand presents the work of two young people Italian composers of today, namely Daniela Terranova and Maurizio Azzan.

Protagonists on the evening of June 11th will be Julien Desprez (performer, composition and direction) and Nicolas Canot (electric string design and sound direction); the concert on 12 June features Andrea Biagini (flutes), Michele Bianchini (saxophones), Giacomo Piermatti (double bass), Laura Mancini (percussion) and Simone Nocchi (piano) – who form the Ensemble Suono Giallo – together with Monica Benvenuti (voice), Francesco Canavese (electric guitar), Simone Faraci (synthesizer and live electronics), Giovanni Magaglio and Francesco Vogli (technique) who are part of the Tempo Reale Electroacoustic Ensemble.

Ensemble Suono Giallo:
The Ensemble Suono Giallo is a group born in 2015 in Città di Castello on the occasion of the celebrations for the centenary of the birth of the painter Alberto Burri. The intent of the project is in the very name of the ensemble: a synesthetic journey reminiscent of Kandinsky, a synthesis of the arts, that is, that total work of art that Wagner had tried to create in Bayreuth. From this assumption the group aims to disseminate and promote contemporary music with new commissions, concerts and educational activities.

Tempo Reale Electroacoustic Ensemble:
The Tempo Reale Electroacoustic Ensemble (TREE) is an open project founded by Francesco Giomi which came to life at the beginning of 2011 for the Missa Ockeghem concert but whose objective is to undertake a path of exploration of the relationship between acoustic and electronic as well as the mechanisms of collective construction and improvisation. It is a formation with a completely variable geometry that associates a group of creative musicians operating mainly in the Florentine and Bolognese area in the electroacoustic domain.