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Maggio Children Chorus

Admission to the Children’s Choir and to the Choral Singing School for Children’s Voices a.f. 2023/2024

Purpose: The children’s choir aims at musical education and the development of the expressive and interpretative potential of young singers, through the study of singing, the deepening of musical culture and the participation in operas and concerts of the Teatro and Accademia del Maggio Musicale Fiorentino, both in choral team and in solo roles.

The school of choral singing for white voices aims at musical education in the new generations through the development of musical sensitivity, the learning of music theory and the exercise of ensemble vocal practice. The training course also aims to provide suitable preparation for the subsequent admission to the Choir of the white voices of the Choir.

Admission requirements: aged between 7 and 12 years and, for male candidates only, not having already undergone a voice change.

Course duration: from September 2023 to June 2024.

Structure of the course: biweekly lessons, approximately in the time slot between 17.00 and 20.00; as a rule, the duration of each single lesson is one and a half hours.

Location of activities: Teatro del Maggio Musicale Fiorentino, piazzale Vittorio Gui n. 1, Florence

Selections: The selections will take place on Saturday 27 and on Sunday 28 May 2023 at the Teatro del Maggio Musicale Fiorentino, piazzale Vittorio Gui n. 1, Firenze; date and time of summons will be communicated by the Enrolment office to each individual candidate in the days preceding the auditions. The communication will be sent exclusively via email at the email address provided by the candidate in the application form.

The tests will consist of:

  1. performance of a vocal piece chosen by the candidate. The piece can be taken from any musical genre, from classical to light music, from popular and sacred music, from cartoon songs to nursery rhymes. The candidate can perform the piece by heart, with reading of the score or text. In the event that the candidate does not know any vocal pieces, he can still be admitted to the selections by supporting the following tests 2 and 3;
  2. aptitude tests (vocalizations and exercises aimed at verifying intonation and the degree of rhythmic, melodic and harmonic perception);
  3. reproduction of a musical fragment by imitation.

No specific musical skills are required for admission; however, a predisposition to singing is required as a fundamental requirement.

With regard to the performance of the vocal piece referred to in point 1. above, candidates may:

  • perform the song without musical accompaniment;
  • use pre-recorded backing tracks, taking care to bring the relevant CD or audio file on a USB key on the day of the audition;
  • make use, free of charge, of a pianist specially made available by the Accademia del Maggio Musicale Fiorentino; in this case, to take the test referred to in point 1 above, candidates must produce a copy of the score of the chosen vocal piece, to be delivered to the accompanying pianist at the time of the exam;
  • be accompanied by your own instrumentalist (eg: pianist, guitarist, etc.), supporting the relative expenses.

Admission to the Children’s Choir or to the Choral Singing School for children’s voices: Candidates who pass the selective tests may be admitted to the Children’s Choir of the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino or to the Choral Singing School for children’s voices, according to the decision of the Board of examination and limited to the number of places available.

Participation in operas and concerts: admission to the Children’s Choir includes participation in operas and concerts of the Teatro and Accademia del Maggio Musicale Fiorentino.

The participation of young singers in public entertainment activities, as choristers, soloists or extras, is to be understood as an integral part of the training course and as such cannot be remunerated in any way.

Students of the Choral Singing School for children’s voices will be able to join the Children’s Choir and take part in public entertainment activities occasionally, provisionally or definitively, at the sole discretion of the Choir Director.

Registration fee for the selections: Participation in the selections is free.

Registration fee and attendance at the Choir and the School: In case of successful completion of the selective test, for the purposes of admission to the Children’s Choir or to the Choral Singing School for children’s voices, an attendance fee of € 500.00 (five hundred/00), including VAT, is required, to be paid in a single solution or in two instalments. Concessions are provided on ISEE (Equivalent Economic Situation Indicator) basis and in the case of registration of more children. In case of registration in the beginning of the year, the participation fee will be reduced by the number of months already spent and not used.

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