Beyond the Curtain

Do you want to know all the details about the operas programmed during the Season and the Festival or about the musical works scheduled for concerts?
Do you want to be able to better understand the interpretation of an orchestra conductor or why a director has his own particular conception of what he is staging?
Are you passionate about a composer or do you love great artists?
The numerous events organized by the office of Cultural Promotion during the Seasons and Festivals of the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino in Beyond the Curtain will answer your curiosity.
Before each performance and each concert for which you have a ticket, you can participate in the Listening Guides held by our musicologists who, in an informative but scientific way, will present the operas and concerts on the program.
In the Dialoghi del Maggio, it will be the the conductors and directors who will share their ideas on the shows they are creating; in the cycle “Quel cantar che nell’anima si sente – Grandi artisti al Teatro del Maggio” you have the opportunity to meet and get to know the most famous singers who perform in our theatre.
Two thematic itineraries – Percorsi tematici – dedicated to great composers are organized every year: the first in the autumn, is traditionally focused on opera; the second, in the winter, on the symphonic repertoire. But the initiatives do not end here: they also include encounters with the public dedicated to the operas on the program organized by the historical associations that bring together Florentine enthusiasts, Firenze Lirica and Il Foyer, and study days and conferences, often organized in collaboration with the University of Florence and with other important Italian and foreign cultural institutions.

Going Beyond the Curtain is a compelling and exciting way to be heighten our awareness and knowledge of the works we are about to see and hear.

Please note that all of the events described above will take place in Italian.