Info COVID-19

Teatro del Maggio strives to comply with the rules that provide for social distancing and responsibly adopts all precautionary anti-Covid19 measures, to protect spectators and its employees, collaborators and artists.

Since the reopening after the lockdown, which took place on June 7, about 40.000 people have passed or worked in our Theater and to date there are no cases of Covid19.

This result derives from a continuous and severe application of protocols: the temperature at the entrance to the foyer is measured to the audience, a wide range of hand sanitizing dispensers is made available in several points of the Theater, spectators are invited to respect the distance and required to wear a mask both when traveling and during shows; from August 30 the stage staff and the artists must undergo weekly serological tests and the other employees in rotation every two weeks.

The Theater is therefore a very safe place.

The limit number of admissions to the hall is regulated by the competent authorities and the Theater, consequently, does not sell tickets beyond this limit.

From the beginning, a policy was pursued that was useful to keep the Theater open: during the subscription phase it was not possible to work on a seating plan that would photograph the current Covid19 situation, because it is constantly evolving; otherwise, adjustments would then have had to be made to any changes in the legislation. The sale of tickets was therefore made on a free plan, so as to be able to react at any time to any changes in authorized seats. So today the Maggio hopes to be able to expand to 800-900 seats and hopes for a return to maximum capacity by the end of the Season, to finally give everyone access to the chosen place.

The Teatro del Maggio tries to do everything so that everyone has access to their own seats but today, given the situation, it is impossible and trusts in the collaboration of the public to accept the necessary compromises and the advice of the masks, which suggest minimal movements to guarantee compliance with the current regulations and the safety of all.