2020/2021 Subscription Campaign

The new season ticket campaign for the 2020/2021 Maggio Musicale Fiorentino starts on 28 July 2020 and with the pre-emption right for Season tickets subscribers until 4 September. Five types divided over three shifts for countless combinations; there are also advantageous booklets dedicated to young people with prices starting from 65 euros for 5 opera titles. “Nothing is like being there!” is the May invitation to subscribe.

Florence July 27, 2020 – The 2020/2021 Subscription campaign starts on July 28, 2020 with the pre-emption reserved for Season ticket subscribers until September 4.

Five types divided into three shifts, for countless combinations, thanks to the possibility of composing as many packages as you like according to your interests and seat preferences. From being able to subscribe to an overall cycle, the one called “Première” which includes all the operas and concerts both of the Season and of the Festival (excluding extraordinary events) for a total of 44 appointments, to the choice only of opera cycles or symphonic concerts of both the Season and the Festival and to pair them with one, two or more.

There are also special carnet dedicated to young people with advantageous prices starting from 65 euros for 5 opera titles to choose from among the 14 proposals on the bill.

The announced season that will start with Rinaldo‘s performances from 7 September 2020 and which will end with Don Giovanni‘s last performance on 30 July 2021 at the end of the 83rd Festival of the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino has 10 opera titles offered by subscription in Season, 4 in the Festival and 30 symphonic concerts (20 in Season and 10 in the Festival, including the two concerts of the prestigious guest Orchestra) with arrayed great names – of artists and of the podium – among the most famous in the world of the symphonic opera scene, will be offered in four types of season tickets: “Opera Season“, “Symphonic Season“, “Opera Festival“, “Symphonic Festival“, plus the “Premiére” which includes them all and which offers the most convenient rate; in three shifts “A”, “B”, “Matinée” (for the work).

As in the last season, it is confirmed that the subscriptions can be combined with each other according to their interests, including positioning between the six sectors of armchairs (four in the stalls, stages and gallery) of the theater. You can then choose from a single type of subscription: for example only “Opera Season”, or add the others as you wish until you add them all in the various possible combinations between shifts and positioning of armchairs. In other words, it will also be possible to vary the choice of your seat, such as choosing “stalls 1” for the works of the Season and then possibly indicate another sector such as the other stalls seats, seats on the stages and in the gallery, for the subscription to the works of the Festivals or for concerts. There are therefore many possible combinations so that the public can carve out their own tailored subscription at will.

For young people under 30 years of age, very advantageous offers have been identified for both the works and the concerts that will allow the purchase, for example, of a carnet of 5 opera titles to be chosen at will on all those subscribed to by a poster. cost of 65 € overall, with the free May Card.

The invitation accompanying the launch of the campaign is “Nothing is like being there!

With this effective and simple exhortation that is often heard when the importance of a concrete, unmediated and shared presence is desired, May invites in a clear and frank manner to be there also to support the theater. It is beautiful, indeed nothing is more beautiful for those who love music and May – and never like this year after such a long stop – than being in the hall for operas, concerts, ballet and also being there contributing with energy to support of the Foundation by subscribing to a subscription.